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画像サイズ:240 x 135







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Genre: Pixel-Animation

Production time:2 hours

Production tool: Aseprite

Image size:240 x 135px

Estimated cost at time of order: $150

Attraction: Shadows and highlights

Difficulty: When expressing the background flowing to the right at different speeds depending on the distance, how many frames should be displayed and how much should be moved in the next frame.


 A train running on the sea. It is a train called the “Umineko,” and according to legend, it is supposed to take passengers to the next location. A young man gets on the train and dozes off while looking out the window at the vast ocean. The train is silent and nothing disturbs his sleep. The sea lion continues to run over the sea, carrying only the young man. No one knows where it is going.

【Work Outline】

 This is an animation I drew to commemorate the fact that I have over 300 followers on Twitter. I chose this composition because I wanted something that would take me to the next place, and I haven’t been on a train lately. I also included my main avatar in the work to signify that I am going to the next level. The fact that I have 300 followers means that many people are watching and looking forward to my work. I’ll continue to develop my creative activities and enjoy them!

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