【Pixelart】In Spring





画像サイズ:480 x 270 px








Genre: Pixelart

Production time:1 weeks

Production tool: Aseprite

Image size: 480 x 270px

Estimated cost at time of order: $130

Attraction: I was able to beautifully draw the shadows on the hair created by the sun’s rays.
Difficulty: Deciding on the color of the branches of the cherry tree.


A woman walks into a hospital room. She is wearing a cardigan and is reading a book that she has been using for a long time. At that moment, a nurse in the hospital room looks at the book and gives her a suspicious look. What kind of stories are written in that book? Most of the nurses who come to check on me ask me that question, and she tells me many stories each time. Sometimes she points to a book and says, “Here, this part here,” but most of the nurses raise their eyebrows.

The book was a diary, a book given to her by her boyfriend. It was also an unpivoted one.

Today, she is still staring at the book by the window of the hospital room where the sun can cast a shadow.

【Work Outline】
This is a one-picture work painted on the theme of spring. Spring means cherry blossoms, and cherry blossoms mean soft women, so I drew this picture. I chose a hospital room because it was a situation I had never painted before. I had a hard time drawing the petals of the cherry blossoms, but this made me less hesitant to draw them in a realistic style.

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